Squid Dissection

There are not a lot of animals that are easily dissectable AND widely available in a local supermarket. But squid is one of those. Squids also come whole as opposed to fish, chicken, and other meats we eat — squids have all their internal organs intact when you buy them frozen from a store. Squids are small, easy to cut with a pair of scissors, and don’t have a lot of “parts” — this makes them ideal experiments.

But if you or your child is too squeamish to dissect a real animal, then consider just doing other parts: squid poetry and word puzzles.

Squid Activities

There is more than one activity on this printable PDF. Please do those you feel comfortable doing. That said, we had over 700 kids dissect a squid each as part of our local elementary school science day. They all had a blast. 

The Deep Sea Devils
3 minutes

National Geographic video presenting the Humboldt squid.

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