Moth and Butterfly Cards

Monarch Butterfly

This set of materials does two things — it introduces students to the beauty of butterflies and moths and it helps children develop scientific description skills.

Butterfly and Moth Parent Pages
Butterfly and Moth Cards

This is a collection of butterfly and moth cards. Like other Supermarket Cards, they are to be used for games.

Moth and Butterfly Games

There are several activities in this set. The main idea is to learn how to make easy-understand descriptions and categories. Through these activities, kids will learn to think about scientific writing and how it is different from everyday kind of writing.

10 Most Beautiful Butterflies in the World
9 minutes

9-minute video showing the 10 most beautiful in the world.

Rainforest Butterflies
4:48 minutes

A short video presenting the butterflies that live in rainforests.

The Life of Monarch Butterfly
15 minutes

Please enjoy this 15 minutes video documenting the life of a Monarch Butterfly as it transforms from one body to the next.

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