Section 1, Lecture 1

The Solar System

Main Ideas

History of Science

  • What did people know about our planetary system two thousand years ago?
  • Who discovered the planets in our Solar System?
  • Are there other planetary systems?

Planets and Moons

  • What are the names of all the planets and where are they located in our Solar System?
  • What is the difference between a planet and a moon?
  • The classification of planets is based on their composition.

Useful Internet Links

The Internet is a useful research tool, but it is also a source of a lot of misinformation. Teach your students to be critical of their Internet sources. Here are a few links that you might find useful for this section.

To learn more about the planets in our Solar System, visit:

Solar System Simulator:

Visit NASA’s site for games, activities, and pictures of far away places:

And please, what ever you do, send us your photos and stories so we can share them with the world!

Solar System and Planets